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Art Trade: Ren by TheSixthSaint Art Trade: Ren by TheSixthSaint
This was the other half of an art trade my friend :iconandroidaleksandrash:
This had been a LONGER time comin' than it should've been. >_<
But life's been pretty "eventful" in the passed 3 months.
But a string of unfortunate events happened that threw a monkey wrench into my plans and artshtuff, which to summarize my inactivity on here lately, it's attributed to:
Computer needs fixed still so I'm using a laptop that I'm sharing with a famary member, getting sick more than once and health problems on-top of that to umbrella term it, and then got diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (which was caught early, but my fingers in my left hand twitched on their own nonstop all day for weeks) so aside from that being distracting and kinda drivin' me crazy to the point of determination to fix it, I spent around a month rehabbing doing exercises (still even doing them just to be safe), and then I got a cortisone shot last week...whiiich I had an allergic reaction to 'cause I wound up getting too much and my hand felt sprained and my heart tight.
So that was fun. XD 
On the plus side, my fingers aren't twitching anymore, so barring me fuckin' it up or aggravatin' it, I should be fine now. :D
Fortunately, she's be extremely understanding and a great friend throughout these crazy ordeals.
So just takin' a moment to say thanks again, Alexandra! :) 

Now then, in case you're curious who this is (aside from just the name), this is Ren, a character of hers!
You can see some art she'd done of Ren at these link here:

Previously, I did this for her, which was the first part of the Art Trade:…
You can learn a little bit more about Saia here, as well as the artwork this is based on/a recreation of (since I found it a personal challenge to do that for pixel art of Saia):

And you can check out what she did for me as part of the art trade as well, since they're amazing and you like nice things, so look at how nice and beautiful these are! :D
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Nidhogge Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Haha I just finished working on the Lian artwork for today, I think it's nice so far but there's still so much left to be painted...Still I'm hyped! excited happy 
Hope you're having an awesome day today! 
TheSixthSaint Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016   General Artist
AWW YESSAH! :happy: 
I love how you keep pushing yourself to get and be even better, and have worked so hard on trying and applying the things you wanted to, to get better at lately. And that you used the things I compiled to help you out with, so the wait is fine since I KNOW you'll kick even MORE ass and a half on it because of all the different things you've been workin' on to make you even better than you already were!
High five! 
And the fact that you're hyped about it and what all's left to do on it, has me hyped to all hell to see how it turns out! :D

I did! I worked on some stuff more than anything today.
In particular, I sent you the one thing as part of the reply message on facebook, so you can see an update on what I'd shown you previously.
I'm curious to hear your opinion on there about that update now! :)
I hope you're havin' a badasstastic day too, by the way!
Nidhogge Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks very much, but now I think I have so much pressure put on me to make the artwork amazing so idk maybe it will suck xD For real though, thank you for pointing out the flaws in my works so I can work to get better, it means a lot! :D I saw the updated artwork you sent me on FB, it looks even more badass and awesome now...I replied to your message so you can see more of what I think about it there ^_^
TheSixthSaint Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016   General Artist
You're very welcome!
Aww, man, pfft. You ALWAYS deliver, and find a way to go above and beyond AND surpass expectations in my opinion.
So don't feel pressured, or that it'll suck. 'Cause it won't.
Hell, considering the path you've been on artistically, that doesn't even seem possible at this point.

And it's no problem, you're welcome again, because simply put, I just love your work.
Getting to know you better, your desire to get better (and better) and not wanting to just be content, but to get not just better but GREATER overall, and then my asking and the establishing of what things you wanted to get better at, and my going out of my way to help in you being able to study the things compiled in a tidy manner, but most importantly, you studying the things AND getting (so much) better at them and excelling in things you were pretty much new to trying out even, you can't imagine how proud I am of you and will continue to be! 
I'll always be there to try my best to push ya in the right direction and help ya out in any way you need, because you've shown me that drive, determination, and of course, the results of the things you wanted to get better at because you HAVE gotten better at all of them when trying out and applying those things.

As said, it's no problem and I don't mind compiling whatever stuff you need or want help with getting better at or understanding better, because you've more than proven you're serious and ambitious about getting better at them. That's for damn sure. 
So I know I'm not "wasting my time" or putting forth my time and effort to help someone out, thus dedicating my time to someone who won't dedicate themselves or their time towards making use of and appreciating what I did for them.
Quite the opposite.
Not only have you made use of it, you've made the BEST of the things I've compiled, as you've studied, practiced, and applied them in such a way that I can't help but be immensely proud of you and grateful that you're grateful of my doing so.
It's a pleasant cycle, to put it like that. :D

Thank ya kindly!
I'm glad ya dug them updates on it, and I replied to the message on there too! :) 
So, more conversational materials concerning that und more are over yonder on there aside from this reply here.   
Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1]
Nidhogge Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you my friend and once again-I absolutely appreciate you helping me and pushing me in the right direction, I hope I can do that for you as well if you need any kind of help regarding anything really...I really do hope I can make you even prouder of my works in the future since I will continue on working and studying to improve my drawing and painting skills! Hug 
The Lian Makoi scene hopefully will be finished until the end of the week (fingers crossed) I think I will manage to dedicate a good portion of my time on it cause I'm sick again...-_-" 
Oh yeah, I will check FB soon so I will reply to your texts there! :D Kawaii Papyrus 
TheSixthSaint Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2016   General Artist
You're welcome (once again)!
I'm grateful and fortunate to be friends with someone who appreciates the help and are always willing to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself and how you do things to further evolve.
And you know for damn sure I will! :D
I value the fact that you're willing and wanting to help me with whatever I might need help with.
I honestly never really meet...much of anyone really who cares enough and is willing to offer, much less are serious about wanting to be helpful and giving.
I'm always the one being giving, and going out of my way to help people, so when people do the same for me, or simply offer it even, I'm not used to that. As terrible as that sounds. XD
I rarely meet people who are willing to do the same for me that I would do for them, is what I'm trying to say.
So, it's really refreshing and nice to meet people who are.
manly tears
Squeeze Hug 

Believe me, you'll wind up making me (even) prouder and prouder of your works in the future because you're only going to keep on getting better and better, and that's incredibly exciting plus amazing to think about!
I know you will keep studying to improve your drawing and painting skills, and further improve they shall! :D

It's ok. Take your time with it. Your health is more important right now since you're sick again. 
We're both sick again for that matter. Shaking fist Shake Fist Emoticon
So I need to take my own advice and get some sleep soon. >_<
But yeah, if you feel up to working on it, then I can't stop ya.
Do take care of yourself and try and get as much rest as you can, IF you can. Llama Emoji-52 (Worried) [V3] 
I just hope you feel better soon though and don't have to deal with this ye olde misery of being sick again too much longer. Kitty kitty - Defeated

Zalright! I responded on FB as well. So be on za lookout for zat! :D
Nidhogge Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I can't explain how much I LOVE this artwork of Ren that you made! It looks super amazing and extremely well done especially all the details he has on his outfit/armor and the steam as well is Really well colored :D Thank you once again, for taking the time to draw him.., that means a lot to me and I am looking forward and (and quite hyped tbh) for the artwork I am drawing now to be finished and presented to you! :D
TheSixthSaint Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016   General Artist
Yet again, I'M GLAD YA LOVE IT! :D
I worked my ass off to make sure I got it right, and taking the time to get right and to your liking because I had to make sure everything looked up to par for my own liking and expectations (that are high as is), plus yours, who I didn't want to let down either.
Then all the setbacks along the way on-top of the overthinking and fine-tuning.

It's been a journey. XD
And thank ya kindly! I tried to tie in ALL the elements I could across the artworks you've done of him, and the little differences in his designs, taking cues from all of them and combining plus expressing it all as best as I could, and of course keeping him detailed like you designed him and wanted him! :) 
The steam was one of those things I overthought a lot, too, in getting right like I told ya, and when I was just like "Fuck it, I'm finishin' it today!" which was when it finally came out how I wanted it. XD
So yessah, I'm happy that you're happy with it and that it was worth the wait! :D
It was my pleasure!
Green Link Approves Icon
I'm lookin' forward to and HYPED TO ALL HELL to see that artwork of Lian, the ranch, and Oincooomoos soon and even more hyped 'cause you're quite hyped to be doing it! :D
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