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Manly Savage
WARNING: The following character wearing Kamina shades and being a Macho Man tribute character is too much manliness for some to handle.
Proceed with caution.
You have been warned.

Now then, I've been wantin' to make a Macho Man tribute character of sorts for like 2 years now, ever since he died.
So, I said fuck it, IT'S TIME. And finally did it.

The manliest man in the galaxy (self-proclaimed...but there's no denying it).
He's to be on Concrete Jungle.
He Elbow Drops his opponents from outer space, destroying meteors in the process as an Ultra/Hyper/Super/Stillneedsaspecificname where a meteor shower goes on as he descends down onto them called "The Orbital Elbow Drop".

And he has a separate "MANLΨNESS" meter he can fill up in battle.
Pretty much it'll be a secondary meter that builds up gradually and during that time there could be inputs of poses and shit that hurt the opponent.
Basically, taunts that can hurt them.
Could also fill up the Manliness Meter faster if you do taunts as well.
While at full it buffs you and your attacks until it runs out.
For specifics, it gives a 3% damage increase/move speed/armor.

Oh, and as you can imagine, he'll have other Macho Man moves and mannerisms aside from the Elbow Drop, since it's not a proper tribute character without doing so!
He'll even do some of Macho Man's heel tactic moves like eye rakes, chokeholds, and lowblows. XD
He's a treasure hunter by trade and seeks out only the most rarest and ambitious of loot to acquire.


*Some much needed tweaks hath been done to him, and I still might wind up making two more palettes for him eventually/soon*
Kimuzukashi Neko aka Grumpy (Lucky) Cat
I made this for my great friend :iconicedexta: for her birfuday this year!
She actually told me that she wants to get it tattooed. O_O
Which is seriously one of the biggest honors I've ever heard that someone's said about something I've made.
So that done made me happy and honored beyond belief, I tell ya hwhat! :3

Grumpy Cat is owned by and property of Tabatha Bundesen and Grumpy Cat Limited.
Joseph Joestar
The next thing you're going to say is..."OH MY GOD!"
Done as a birfuday present for :iconserjssoda:
Based off that one (of many fabulous) famous Joseph Joestar pose that they used on ASB for him...but adapted to the best of my ability/changed into a pose with his Clackers instead because...fuck it, why the hell not, right?!

Joseph Joestar and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is created by Hirohiko Araki and property of Lucky Land Communications and Shueisha.
Zephyrine the Skyren
This is Zephyrine, a character for Hybrids of Steel.
She's a Skyren. A Skyren is an air mermaid.
She can "swim" in the air because she can manipulate moisture.
Which she can also do for attacks.
Creating mist, clouds, and powerful dense attacks, as well as using water attacks and bubble traps.
She can also make rain (acid rain and hail) and hard wind for attacks.

I've had the idea of wanting to have a mermaid character on one of the two fighting games for a while now, so I tried to make the idea make sense without seeming off. Because having a mermaid just chillin' out of water seems too odd to me.
So, I wanted to make the idea make sense, while being different at the same time.
Thus, an air mermaid.
She can can live in air and sea. It just seemed like a really cool and different to do with her.

As assumed, she gets to operate and animate as if she's swimming in air.
Which is really exciting and unique to utilize, in my opinion.
Her forward walk animation would look like a mermaid does when swimming forward
with its tail moving like a fish.
While her run animation would be doing a torpedo kinda spin.
Which, means she'll have attacks that plunge her forward in that torpedo spin that take advantage of that movements. Which carries over into her airdash.
And her having a Flight Mode is an obvious inclusion for her.
She'll also have a move where she makes the ground wet and slippery, which makes the opponent not be able to stand stagnant without sliding into you, and if they walk or run forward, they'll slide and can even slip and fall, which can cause an OTG.
Oh, and her hair will kinda move like clouds with particles coming off and apart from it when she's in motion, too.

I have all 5 of Super/Ultra/Hypers/WhateverIwindupcallingit determined.
Her Level 1 will be creating fog that fills the screen and makes her invisible unless right next to the opponent. If she's facing an opponent who has light or fire based moves at all, it helps clear and makes seeing through the fog more visible, though.

Her Level 2 is Skyren's Song *This one is specific to her Trident Harp moveset, Harpoon Gun's and Weighed Anchor's will be different*
She sings and plays a beautiful song on her Trident Harp for the opponent that puts them into a dizzy state after.

Her Level 3 is Air Raid Skyren. She sings and calls various sea and sky terrors to attack the opponent in a full screen attack.

Her Level 4 will be The Wyndale Tsunami.
Zephyrine uses moisture control to carry a Wyndale (A Wind Whale) to drop on the opponent from overhead.
It auto-detects and covers full screen.
Once the Wyndale drops down it winds up creating a Tsunami raining down from the sky that Zephyrine nonchalantly lays down on her stomach with her hand under her chin riding the wave while it floods the opponent.

Her Level 5 is Mist Dragon Diner.
She creates a Mist Dragon to attack the opponent.
See that little one she has there?
Well, it gets a hell of a lot bigger if she needs it to.
She forms molecules of water and mist from the atmosphere/landscape, then uses it to form a large Mist Dragon head to emerge from the ground to disorient and "devour" the opponent, it then explodes and forms countless razor sharp water droplets to crash onto the them in a raging downpour!
Slightly more powerful than The Wyndale Tsunami.

Since she's going to be on Hybrids of Steel, she'll have 3 different movesets to choose from that utilize different weapons, and hers are:
*Trident Harp (It has harp strings on the 3 prongs and the handle can go inside to go into Harp Mode)
*Harpoon Gun
*Weighed Anchor (Anchor on a chain, think like a ball-and-chain or kusarigama, but with an anchor)

Before I go, if you didn't notice, her hairstyle was inspired by Akira
Toriyama art and the way he's designed female characters with curly hair
but gave it a pin-up type feel to it all the while simulating clouds
with it. :D
This is Shadowstep, a character for Last Legend and Hybrids of Steel.
The latter of which where she'll be a playable character.
Storyline-wise she's another member and part of Cire's Circvs Hallowgrim.
Obviously there's more to it and her other than that, so I shall delve into it!

As you can see, Shadowstep uses a bow and arrow...but neither are ordinary.
Her bow is a living weapon, made of Totem (a living tree creature).
The two bird head's eyes on her bow also shoot out additional projectiles.
She constructs arrows through Dark (Shadow) magic.
So, essentially, she has an unlimited supply of arrows because fuck quivers.
Also, her "attractions" in Circvs Hallowgrim is the fact that she's a Contortionist Archer and specifically shoots and uses her bow only with her feet.
As well as juggles and dances with Wind and Fire Wheels/Chakrams that can be put together, expanded, and used as a Bladed Hula Hoop and set on fire.

Which, as you can see by the sprite, this is of her (arguably) most talented ability of hers that carries over into how she'll fight in Hybrids of Steel.
Though, she's not doing half the crazy bendy shit and angles she'll shoot like in this sprite, so this is more of a tame version of what she can do. Basic stuff for her, really.

But her abilities don't end there!
Give her name implies shadow, she will also be able to manipulate shadows to her advantage to fight with (shadow hands that can grab, hit, and pierce opponents, creating shadow doubles, ect.), as well as becoming a shadow herself (and can travel on the ground as one), and can basically use shadows like dimensional portals in a way.
If you've seen the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle trailer where Johnny Joestar's half in the ground and slides around, she can do that but with shadows.

Fun Fact: She used to be an assassin. And one of the best at that before she gave that life up and will now only specifically fight against those who endanger life, nature, and the world at large.
So, as you can imagine...given her past, she still uses all of her powers and skills to her advantage in battle or reason.
And never misses her mark...because you can't kill what you can't see.

As mentioned, since she'd be on Hybrids of Steel and every character has three different movesets to choose from, here's are:
*Contortion Archery (Bow and Arrow)
*Juggle Nunchaku (Contortion angle is still prevalent, and fights with the nunchucks with her feet sometimes even)
*Wind and Fire Wheels/Chakrams (That can be put together, expanded, and used as a Bladed Hula Hoop...and set on fire)

Oh, and ONE MORE TING!...some quick credits to :iconsteamboy33:, I used his Hawkeye's bow as a base for hers. So thanks be with ya!


No journal entries yet.


TheSixthSaint's Profile Picture
Artist | Varied
United States
By now, at least ya should, know my name is Masamune.
Though I go by the following names too:
The Sixth Saint, Sixth, SS Masamune, SSM, and Mr. Thou.

Simply put, what'cha see is what'cha get and what'cha don't is better yet.
Art in general is my life and without it, I'd probably be dead or one even more eccentric son of a bitch.
The brunt of my uploads are characters for different stories and various series I'm writing and workin' on, but I do dabble in some fun fan art like the "Mini Sprites" you'll see in my gallery from time to time.

So yessah, I'm a writer and a character designer (if you haven't guessed that already) and my goal is to make said stories and the characters shown off on here into actual games someday, but I will obviously require a team to do so, especially considering how I want them adapted and accomplished.
But I know I can make it happen! :D

Now, to get back to the more "about me" profiley descripshits!
I love and appreciate the things that I hold closest to me.
To borrow a phrase that I live by
"The things I believe in most are my family, my friends and music. They haven't let me down yet." - Dave Williams

I believe in loyalty. To your family, to your friends, and to the things you love in the lives we're livin'.

I tend to create new words and coin phrases way more often than not.
I jokingly have my own language referred to as Masamunese. You should learn it. Enrollment is now open!

For a "fun facts": I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.
Never have, never will.
The altered state of mind ain't my way of life.
I mean come on, man, you don't need drugs when you can already hallucinate sober, with or without lack of sleep. XD
I've had enough health problems over the years as is, so I choose to take care of my health.
I don't discriminate or honestly care if you do any of that, whatever makes you happy I say.
So long as it isn't negatively effecting yours or anyone else's lives, ya know.

Now then, one thing you will quickly find out about me if you're someone I consider a friend (which, if I add ya on here, I do consider you a friend to some extent or degree) and that is, I like to bring out the best in and inspire people.
Maybe you're next.
Only one way to find out!
Not only that, but I enjoy helping people in general.
Through empathy I love doing so.

Personally, I'd like everyone to be happy and live up to their full potential and realize their dreams.
And with the synergy of a nudge in the direction coupled with drive, passion, and inspiration, you CAN.
Don't ever think you can't because whatever bullshit reason someone throws your way.
Seriously. Never let "can't" poison your passion and creativity.

I grew up around a bunch of inspiring things all around me.
I'm very visionary and imaginative I think, because of this.
I always push myself to push the envelope.
From character designs, video games, stories, to the music that I listen to, to art of all kinds, I was surrounded and interested in so many intriguing things.
Thus causing me to give myself that extra creative kick in the ass when needed to produce the same to have that simply timeless and long withstanding effect.
It's pretty damn sad to see that people are "tapped out" of new ideas for art and the outlets of creativity nowadays.
To those I say, always remember where you came from, who you are as a person and as an artist, and what drove you to do what you do.
No one reveres the plagiarist, for it's the innovator that's truly remembered in time.
If you follow your heart, your mind will follow not too far behind.

Enjoy your stay! :D

Favorite visual artists:
Yoshitaka Amano, Hirohiko Araki, H.R. Giger, Nell Fjölmóð (Spoony Bardess), Bengus, Akiman, Shinkiro, Takuji Kawano, Ayami Kojima, Tomomi Kobayashi, Katsuya Terada, Shunya Yamashita, Artgerm, Tetsuo Hara, Kazuma Kaneko, Katsuhiro Otomo, Kentaro Miura, Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Alex Horley, Alex Ross, AbyssWolf (Daniel Oliver), Luis Royo, Frank Frazetta, Gerald Brom, Simon Bisley, Salvador Dali, Hayao Miyazaki, Eiichiro Oda, and Akira Toriyama.

Favorite bands / musical artists: To be vague on specifics: Metal (all subgenres minus Metalcore), Classical, Classic Rock, Industrial, Opera, and Vidya Game Music.

Favorite games:
Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Darkstalkers 3, The Guardian Legend, Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, Soul Calibur, Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear, Disgaea, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest VIII, Breath of Fire I thru IV, Castlevania, and much much more.

Favorite gaming platform:
NES, SNES, N64, PlayStation 1, 2, and 3, Sega Genesis and Dreamcast.

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