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Full Frontal
In case you never heard of, read, or watched Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, this is it's main antagonist, Full Frontal.
The fact he can still be such a classy badass with a stripper name speaks volumes to the character, I tell ya. XD
Anyways, this was done as a Christmas gift for :iconbarbie-auth:!

Full Frontal and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn created by Harutoshi Fukui and property of Sunrise, Inc.
This is The Serpentine Queen, Basiliska!
A character for both Hybrids of Steel AND Concrete Jungle (but will initially be introduced on Last Legend).
She's a a Naga/Lamia Gorgon with, as you can see,
Cleopatra snake hair because it felt like a missed opportunity not to
use that in a Gorgon design.
Basically what went into the inspiration was that Cleopatra loved and was obsessed with
So yessah, and oh, and the bangs of the snake hair are just snake tails

She wields an Ouroboros (its name is Oroboris) that can both be used like a Chakram (think Sun Shang Xiang from Dynasty Warriors or Tira from Soul Calibur) but doubles as a whip that
can stretch out real far and elongate.

Speaking of stretchy and elongating, her hair can do that too.
The snake head in her mid section is very much alive and part of her,
and her rattletail is also a stinger.
The stinger will inject a poison that slows the opponent down.
That stomach snake head will be utilized in some different moves, like chompin' on the opponent (mash for more damage) that leaves the opponent poisoned.
About the poisoning thing...
Various moves she does that make use of her snakes (like snake hair attacks) that aren't outright MEANT to poison the opponent, will have a random chance of winding up poisoning them.

And of course, Basiliska has a petrifying stare she can do as well.
Which, actually utilizes all of her eyes and the idear is that the screen will flash white.
Think kinda like the Solar Flare technique from Dragon Ball Z in that aspect.
Which when the opponent is petrified, you basically get free hits on them for a set period of time.
If you're the one who got petrified, you can mash to try and get out of the petrified state quicker.
I AM thinking of making it where she'll have a high level Super/Ultra/Hyper/Whatever-it-winds-up-being-called (which keen on it costing 5 bars) that you can do after they're petrified, and it will shatter the opponent into broken pieces, resulting in an autokill.
Doesn't mean the whole set is decided, just that specific round.

Now harkening back to the stomach snake head, she'll have a move where it spits at the opponent (the distance will literally be up to if you charge it...yes, like a loogie LOL) can petrify the opponent, but only allows you one hit before they break out of it.
If you haven't noticed, this takes a page from both Spitting Cobras and Dabura from Dragon Ball Z.

Passed that, she'll have a move where she boomerangs herself at the opponent to bind her snake body around them. Inspired by those "flying snakes" you might've heard of.
She can OTG with her snake tail where she basically slaps them with her snaketail.
Has pompous backhand and palm slaps.
Fabulously evil scratch attacks with her long nails
(complete with JoJo-esque posing).
A "drill" attack with her tail and stinger (think like a snakey version of Cammy's Spiral Arrow) and can do it 4 different directions (forward, upward, diagonally, and overhead).
And she can even slither across the ground as a fighting stance she can go into.
I'm thinkin' just as simple as just crouching then pressing down to initiate it.

She also uses additional weaponry aside from
Oroboris, the Ouroboros Chakram Whip:
*A Cat-O'-Nine-Tails whip but instead with snakes (
and the snake heads will all be named in a similar fashion to the Seven Dwarves)
*Mirror Shield (which doubles as an oversized vanity mirror, and is also kind of a teehee reverse Clash of the Titans movie reference)

The Mirror Shield may be bladed (not sure on this yet),
and she'll be able to create and harness light and reflections for that moveset especially.
And furthermore, it'll have a command block that absorbs non-physical projectiles, too.
The shield will block projectiles back.
And going back to the light thing, it'll have a light
surfaces on the stage that will shine so you know where to aim it, or outright created by her can produce some crazy ass
Bright, burning beams of light bouncing off the Mirror Shield in different directions, hitting your opponent from multiple directions.
As you can imagine, choosing The Mirror Shield style will wind up bein' quite technical, but really rewarding once you master it.

An idea I have for how she'd handle is that she should probably feel heavy, but fast at the same time.

From left to right:

*P2 Color, inspired by Coral Snakes
*Arbok and Ekans from Pokemon inspired/reference palette
*Deis aka Bleu from Breath of Fire inspired/reference palette

Fun fact: Deis was actually the initial and original inspiration that made me want to create a Naga fighting game character. I still think Capcom farked up by still not having a Breath of Fire character on any of their crossover fighting games so far.
But even moreso, they don't seem to realize all the crazy potential and fun moveset stuff you can DO with a Naga.

P.S. I do have a backstory written out for her...well, the problem is that there are two, and kind of a third. So once I decide on which I definitely like the best for her, I'll add that into the description. :D

P.P.S. tfw you realize SHE IS THE CROWN.
Goku mini sprite
I'm a lifelong Dragon Ball Z fan. Been a fan of it ever since they first started airing it in the U.S., so anytime I can or get to do something Dragon Ball/Z related is always fun.
But enough about me, it's time to explain WHY this came to be!
It was a birfuday present for :iconthiaminatenn:! :D
So yar, I hope ya like it! I kinda maybe sleep deprived myself to get it done. XD

Goku and Dragon Ball Z are owned created by Akira Toriyama and property of Toei Animation and Shueisha.
I've been wantin' to do this design for over a year now and made it my mission this year to finish it by Christmas.
So here we are, on Christmas, and here it is!
The whole idea spawned off of my surprise that I've never seen anyone utilize candy canes as horns or simulate them before in a Krampus design.
So from there I just ran with it.
I hope you guys enjoy it and had some safe and happy holidays!

I think I'm gonna wind up utilizing him on Concrete Jungle. Has too much charisma and no one else has had a Krampus in a fighting game before, so why the hell not use and have him be playable on something someday? 
Speaking of which, to expand upon that, he could have a kid randomly peek out of his barrel thing on his back from time to time and then Krampus push the lid back down. XD
Also, upon defeat, kids could run out of his barrel.

And now for a Krampus-y quote of his


No journal entries yet.


TheSixthSaint's Profile Picture
Artist | Varied
United States
By now, at least ya should, know my name is Masamune.
Though I go by the following names too:
The Sixth Saint, Sixth, SS Masamune, SSM, and Mr. Thou.

Simply put, what'cha see is what'cha get and what'cha don't is better yet.
Art in general is my life and without it, I'd probably be dead or one even more eccentric son of a bitch.
The brunt of my uploads are characters for different stories and various series I'm writing and workin' on, but I do dabble in some fun fan art like the "Mini Sprites" you'll see in my gallery from time to time.

So yessah, I'm a writer and a character designer (if you haven't guessed that already) and my goal is to make said stories and the characters shown off on here into actual games someday, but I will obviously require a team to do so, especially considering how I want them adapted and accomplished.
But I know I can make it happen! :D

Now, to get back to the more "about me" profiley descripshits!
I love and appreciate the things that I hold closest to me.
To borrow a phrase that I live by
"The things I believe in most are my family, my friends and music. They haven't let me down yet." - Dave Williams

I believe in loyalty. To your family, to your friends, and to the things you love in the lives we're livin'.

I tend to create new words and coin phrases way more often than not.
I jokingly have my own language referred to as Masamunese. You should learn it. Enrollment is now open!

For a "fun facts": I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.
Never have, never will.
The altered state of mind ain't my way of life.
I mean come on, man, you don't need drugs when you can already hallucinate sober, with or without lack of sleep. XD
I've had enough health problems over the years as is, so I choose to take care of my health.
I don't discriminate or honestly care if you do any of that, whatever makes you happy I say.
So long as it isn't negatively effecting yours or anyone else's lives, ya know.

Now then, one thing you will quickly find out about me if you're someone I consider a friend (which, if I add ya on here, I do consider you a friend to some extent or degree) and that is, I like to bring out the best in and inspire people.
Maybe you're next.
Only one way to find out!
Not only that, but I enjoy helping people in general.
Through empathy I love doing so.

Personally, I'd like everyone to be happy and live up to their full potential and realize their dreams.
And with the synergy of a nudge in the direction coupled with drive, passion, and inspiration, you CAN.
Don't ever think you can't because whatever bullshit reason someone throws your way.
Seriously. Never let "can't" poison your passion and creativity.

I grew up around a bunch of inspiring things all around me.
I'm very visionary and imaginative I think, because of this.
I always push myself to push the envelope.
From character designs, video games, stories, to the music that I listen to, to art of all kinds, I was surrounded and interested in so many intriguing things.
Thus causing me to give myself that extra creative kick in the ass when needed to produce the same to have that simply timeless and long withstanding effect.
It's pretty damn sad to see that people are "tapped out" of new ideas for art and the outlets of creativity nowadays.
To those I say, always remember where you came from, who you are as a person and as an artist, and what drove you to do what you do.
No one reveres the plagiarist, for it's the innovator that's truly remembered in time.
If you follow your heart, your mind will follow not too far behind.

Enjoy your stay! :D

Favorite visual artists:
Yoshitaka Amano, Hirohiko Araki, H.R. Giger, Nell Fjölmóð (Spoony Bardess), Bengus, Akiman, Shinkiro, Takuji Kawano, Ayami Kojima, Tomomi Kobayashi, Katsuya Terada, Shunya Yamashita, Artgerm, Tetsuo Hara, Kazuma Kaneko, Katsuhiro Otomo, Kentaro Miura, Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Alex Horley, Alex Ross, AbyssWolf (Daniel Oliver), Luis Royo, Frank Frazetta, Gerald Brom, Simon Bisley, Salvador Dali, Hayao Miyazaki, Eiichiro Oda, and Akira Toriyama.

Favorite bands / musical artists: To be vague on specifics: Metal (all subgenres minus Metalcore), Classical, Classic Rock, Industrial, Opera, and Vidya Game Music.

Favorite games:
Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, Darkstalkers 3, The Guardian Legend, Street Fighter, Tekken, King of Fighters, Soul Calibur, Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear, Disgaea, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest VIII, Breath of Fire I thru IV, Castlevania, and much much more.

Favorite gaming platform:
NES, SNES, N64, PlayStation 1, 2, and 3, Sega Genesis and Dreamcast.

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If you don't mind me asking, what exactly was wrong?

I have a lot more on the way to upload soon (if all goes well lol) so keep them expectations up! :)
I really love your artwork and style. It reminds me of a mixture of Yoshitaka Amano and 80's and early 90's anime and manga!
It looks very cool and unique. I especially love how you do a watercolor style digitally the way that you do. It winds up creating a very unique and different kind of look and style that I haven't really seen before.

Oh! Since I can see that you're a fan of Capcom fighting games, I think you may want to enter this contest to be in the new artbook!…
And here are the guidelines.…
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